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poet, editor, workshop leader

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Coming To


The seconds between waking

and opening your eyes

may be revelatory.


The adventurous traveller

tries to remember

where he is. The philanderer


extends a cautious investigating

foot. Is he alone?

Either answer has its pleasures.


The hungover poet wants

to hold on to the knock-out phrase

that just occurred to him. No chance.


The patient feels his pain but decides,

in his morphine-muddled way,

to try surviving for another day.


Connie Bensley



from 'Let's keep in touch'

published 2018

price £6




Connie Bensley lives in Mortlake, in south-west London, and before retirement worked as a secretary, a copywriter and a bookshop assistant. Her most recent full collection is Finding a Leg to Stand On: New & Selected Poems (Bloodaxe, 2012). She writes: ‘I believe I have my father to thank for my interest in words. He used to go in for magazine competitions and once won eighteen guineas, which dumbfounded my mother.’