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poet, editor, workshop leader

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Your Trousers 


A large man took the chair beside me -

the only spare -

and he was wearing your trousers.

Such a surprise.

But then I realised

they couldn't be yours -

he was much larger,

though no one could say you were small,

and your trousers went to Oxfam

years ago.


But those grey corduroys

gave me a jolt.

I felt my hand go to reach out

to stroke the velvet and squeeze

the dear familiar knee inside

but something stopped it just in time.


Marjorie Carter



from 'You Might Have Said'

published 2015

price £5





Marjorie Carter was born in Chiswick and brought up in Hounslow. After an apprenticeship in Surrey public libraries, she worked at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Westminster, and was later invited to set up the Civil Engineering Library at Imperial College London. Moving to Suffolk in 1983, she took up gardening and pursued her enthusiasm for sailing and for poetry.