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this loose girdle of soft rain Hart Crane


I can imagine, one day, out of this world,

missing the sound of the rain,

the thick wet bees of it, rushing arpeggios;


of fingerfall.


It was good in the hut

where the corrugated iron

of the roof made a drum.

Lovely too are rainblown

craters in sand,


like those on the face

of another planet,

seen from afar.

Listen – the rain enfolding us here.


Elizabeth Cook


from 'The Sound of the Rain'

published 2017

price £6




Elizabeth Cook grew up in Dorset and now lives in East London and Suffolk. Her work includes the fiction, Achilles (Methuen), her first poetry collection, Bowl (Worple) and the libretto for Francis Grier’s oratorio, The Passion of Jesus of Nazareth. She has been a

Hawthornden Fellow and was St Edmundsbury Cathedral’s first

Writer in Residence in 2012-13.