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Cast Iron Radiators


He invited me up to see

his cast iron radiators.

What woman could resist

an invitation like that?

Such a robust alternative to etchings.


And now when life is tough.

When I can’t keep up – too many

calls to make and reports to write.

When I’m working with parents

who’ve been told

the cancer’s come back


I hang those three words

Cast Iron Radiators

in the air before me.

Their innocent sturdiness

lightens the load.


Gail Harland



from 'The Long Cut Home'

published 2019

price £6




Gail Harland works as a paediatric allergy dietitian and is also a freelance writer.  She is the author of six gardening books including most recently Snowdrop (Reaktion, 2016) which explores the snowdrop in art, poetry and other aspects of human culture. She lives in Norfolk with her two sons where she tries to cram far too many plants into a small garden.