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Poem for Wednesday


Oh, humpback of the week,

yardstick of productivity,

all to play for, seesaw pivot

of possibility. Is your gaze

holding mine for fractionally

longer than necessary

a sign of desire or disgust?

Will we even make it

to the weekend together?


Sometimes, Wednesday,

I wonder why I bother.


But then again it’s market day

in town, Matt and his fish van

are back – fresh from brain surgery,

his scalp fuzzy with new growth –

and here are plump scallops

glistening on their bed of ice,

and oh Wednesday, I think,

come on, let’s go for it,

let’s be lavish and splash out.


Naomi Jaffa


from 'Driver'

published 2017

price £6




Born in 1961, Naomi Jaffa grew up in London and Scarborough, read English at Oxford. Daughter of professional musicians, she started out in classical music management before moving to East Anglia in 1991. She worked for the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival for 22 years, latterly as Director of The Poetry Trust from 1999-2014. She is

co-founder of Poetry People, a new organisation set up to run the Suffolk Young Poets Competition and other  projects. Her first pamphlet, The Last Hour of Sleep, was published in 2004.