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poet, editor, workshop leader

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On the Other Hand

Rob Lock


A youth – who could be named – stayed in last night,

finished his essay and applied to train for social work.

Emma, aged three, straying from her mum as she fumbled

at a cash point in the Buttermarket, attracted the kindness and tact of a middle-aged man, who found her crying

and involved a group of teenage girls. Julia Dunlop, looking up

from her page, made accidental eye contact with Vern

who will, two children later, propose marriage.

And Mrs Doreen Turner – living for grandchildren,

a cub pack, bingo, and (secretly) cake –

raised a modest amount with an unpublicised swim.


from 'The Self-Forgetting Place'

published 2013

price £5




Rob Lock was brought up in Jersey. He intended entering the ministry but put his faith aside at university. After a career in teaching, mostly in Suffolk, he worked as a caretaker and programmes manager for Mind and, having found   the Quakers, a Meeting House warden.       He has three children by his first marriage and a cat and various   relatives by the second. He is now retired and lives in Bury St Edmunds.