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Danger of Death 


Following Denny up

I saw the ‘Danger of Death’ sign,


heat wriggling from the sleepers,

the grey ballast, the sagging wires,


the tracks snaking off

behind the industrial estate.


His ear to the rail, Denny signalled

and we ducked down by the rabbit holes.


Then came the engine’s colossal roar,

the thundering carriages,


the stones we’d placed shot out like shrapnel

as we scarpered back down the embankment,


Denny saying we should’ve used rocks,

me searching for the gap in the railings.


John Lynch




from 'A Gap in the Railings'

published 2015

price £5





John Lynch was born and grew up in Ipswich. After leaving Kent University with a degree in History and Philosophy, he worked in London as a playleader for several years and then as a carpenter for    several more. John has taught in primary schools in Suffolk since 1988 and has been a headteacher for the past sixteen years. He started writing poetry when his two daughters were very young and has enjoyed working with young writers in schools throughout his career.