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The Suffolk Key

Dean Parkin


Blast, thas certainly a handful. Big old thing,

rusty, right hard it is to turn.

The kind that went out with the ark.

You’ll find it in the shed door, on the front.

Thas not locked. That’d be daft

woun’t it, with the key in the door? I int sor’ft.

And why would you want to lock it?

There’s nothing in there you’d want to see m’boy.

And do you know

why the key’s in the door?

Cos you know where that is then.

And thas where I want to put it,

thank yer very much.





from 'Poem for Suffolk'

published 2015

price £5




Dean Parkin left school at the age of sixteen to work for a printer and then in a bookshop. He worked for The Poetry Trust from 2000-2015 and is now a freelance poet and workshop leader. He has published four pamphlets and a full collection, 'The Swan Machine' (2015). His first collection for children, 'The Bubble Wrap' is published in 2017.