Michael Laskey

poet, editor, workshop leader

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The Garlic Press


Connie Bensley Let's keep in touch (2017)   READ POEM


Marjorie Carter You Might Have Said (2015)  READ POEM 


Elizabeth Cook The Sound of the Rain (2017) READ POEM


L M Dearlove Providence Farm (2016)  READ POEM


Margaret Easton Hooks Working Loose (2007)   READ POEM


Gail Harland The Long Cut Home (2019)  READ POEM 


Martin Hayden

Meeting the Pilgrimage Halfway (2010)  READ POEM

Good Ground Beneath My Feet (2020) READ POEM

Green Burial (2020) READ POEM


David Healey

Slowing the Afternoon Down (2010) READ POEM


Naomi Jaffa Driver (2017) READ POEM  


Rob Lock The Self-Forgetting Place (2013)  READ POEM


John Lynch A Gap in the Railings (2016)  READ POEM


Dean Parkin Irresistible to Women (2003)  READ POEM

Just Our Luck (2008)  READ POEM

Poem for Suffolk (2015)  READ POEM


Philip Rush Catching My Own Drift (2012)  READ POEM


Jeni Smith Reading Through the Night (2015)  READ POEM

Snickety Snack READ POEM


Eleanor J Vale Think of Something Else (2016)  READ POEM

Smiths Knoll  

Smiths Knoll poets & their poems to be added


Roy Blackman        

The Watermen (2003)


Marianne Burton

The Devil’s Cut (2007) o/p


Chris Dodd

Feeding Out The Rope (2015)


Philip Hancock

Hearing Ourselves Think (2009) o/p

Just Help Yourself (2016)


Lydia Harris

Glad Not To Be The Corpse (2012)


Richard Kemp

Football on Waste Ground (2006)


Andrew Kerr

Sweet Talk (2015)


Kath Mckay

Telling the Bees (2014)


Stephen Payne

The Probabilities Of Balance (2010)


Philip Pollecoff

Carry This With You At All Times (2013)


Margaret Wilmot

Sweet Coffee (2013)