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poet, editor, workshop leader

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The cabinet of curiosities

Philip Rush


Things can take you back.

Hudson valley radio

on the internet

restores an entire summer.


And in the cabinet of curiosities,

it is the motor car’s turn

to take pride of place,

polished and immaculate.


This Monte Carlo rally Mini

is the acme of 1966 toy craft,

the roof autographed by Timo

and Paul, the headlights jewelled.


A sticker on the carton

elevates the model

to the status of a relic.

It is reversing at full throttle.





from 'Catching My Own Drift'

published 2012

price £5




Philip Rush lives just outside Stroud and plays the fiddle in his spare time. Philip’s poems have appeared in Carcanet’s 'New Poetries IV' and in magazines. His first full collection, 'Big Purple Garden Paintings' was published by Yew Tree Press and was short-listed for the Aldeburgh First Collection Prize.